An auspicious time to connect with Gebchak Gonpa

Dear Friends,

Now is the highly auspicious period of Saga Dawa. This particular time in the Tibetan calendar commemorates three significant events that forever changed our world: the birth of Buddha Shakyamuni; his awakening to complete enlightenment; and his final teaching of impermanence – his parinirvana. This is an ideal time to intensify all virtuous deeds.

The nuns of Gebchak Gonpa are focused on doing just that, holding you, their donors, and all sentient beings close in prayer. We invite you to tap into this vibrant positive energy in this auspicious time of Saga Dawa by contributing any amount towards the Gebchak nuns’ food or temple expenses. There are two major areas of support for Gebchak Gonpa – the nuns’ food and healthcare fund, and the Gebchak temple. Through your connection with the nuns in supporting their practice, you also join in this vast merit.

Gebchak nuns load a truck full of provisions estimated to cost over USD$3,000.

Food & Health Care Fund – Sponsor the Nuns
The nuns supplement their food supplies with grain and vegetables from nunnery fields and greenhouses during the short summer season, but these cannot adequately feed all 350 nuns. Amidst a swiftly modernizing economy in the region, the nuns must travel to the nearest township for food supplies, loading up a truck full of provisions necessary for their health. An estimated cost per nun for food and healthcare is $250 a year. However, any amount is gratefully accepted towards the community’s needs and will be shared equally among the nuns.

Gebchak nuns with vegetable greens harvested from one of their greenhouses

Gebchak Temple

The second major area of support is Gebchak’s main temple. Since demolition of the old temple in 2011, a new temple has been constructed with an extremely strong foundation and structure that can withstand future tremors in an earthquake-prone region.The temple is where the nuns spend two-thirds of the year in group practice and prayer ceremonies, dedicated to all living beings throughout the world. It is also the hub of spiritual life and support for the surrounding nomad community. Currently, there is a huge shortfall in funding for the temple statues that include Guru Rinpoche, Yeshe Tsogyal, and Mandarava. We welcome any amount you can offer towards the sacred statues that support their meditative environment.

A statue to the right waits to be moved into the temple.

Donate to Gebchak Gonpa
Supporting the Gebchak nuns’ lifelong commitment to meditation retreat in Tibet is a powerful and meaningful way to connect with the heartbeat of Dharma practice.

Donate now by inputing your contribution for the following funds:

Sponsor the Nuns (for food and healthcare provisions)
Temple Fund (for statues and other temple amenities)
General Fund (for donations to be used wherever needed)
Yushu Earthquake Orphan Fund (read more)

In this auspicious time of Saga Dawa, contributing any amount towards the Gebchak nuns’ food or temple statues connects you with the nuns in a vast interdependence of prayer and spiritual awakening.

Blessings and gratitude,

Caterina, Chrysanne and Arya

Directors, Dongyu Gatsal Ling Initiatives, Inc.

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