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Bodhgaya, India is located in the northern Indian state of Bihar. The home of the Bodhi ​tree where the Buddha became enlightened, it is a pilgrimage site venerated by millions around the world.​ Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo recently traveled to Bodhgaya and shares ​this with us:

Recently Tsunma Aileen and I visited Bodhgaya. Bodhgaya is the place where Lord Buddha attained Enlightenment while seated under a Bodhi tree – the ancestor of which is still growing vigorously. There is an ancient temple which is the focal point of devotion (along with the Bodhi tree beside it) and these are set in an enclosed landscaped area containing many small temples and historic stupas. Bodhgaya is the centre of the Buddhist universe and the main pilgrimage site for devotees, so it exudes an atmosphere of palpable holiness and inspiration.

I gave a two days’ commentary on the “Pith Instructions of Atisha” at the Root Institute which is run by a group of dedicated and charming nuns from the FPMT organisation. It was a joy to be in this sacred area again and a good time to be there while it is still not too crowded – although there are always plenty of people gathered from around the world. It is so inspiring to see the various Buddhist traditions coming together sharing their common devotion each in their various ways: meditating, praying and circumambulating. It was interesting to see Theravadin monks doing Tibetan-style long prostrations around the stupa! What a blessing that such an oasis of peace, faith and serenity continues to exist in this troubled world.”

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