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Dongyu Gatsal Ling Initiatives is a U.S. 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, comprised of a volunteer Board of Directors. We are dedicated to supporting the life and mission of our Spiritual Director, Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo and her projects. We work to raise funds to support Dongyu Gatsal Ling through the DGL Nunnery project and the other nunneries that are covered under the Tsunma project. We work with a team of investment advisers who care for the Endowment Fund for DGL Nunnery. (EIN) 80-0198191

Spiritual Director

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo lives at Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery in India. Her role on the DGLI, Inc. Board is to provide leadership and inspiration to the Board of Directors in cultivating the altruistic attitude of bodhicitta as the primary motivation for every action they take on behalf of DGLI, Inc. She collaborates on nunnery projects, organizational structure, fundraising events, email marketing campaigns, and other projects as needed.

President, Caterina De Re, Seattle, Washington, USA: Caterina’s main Buddhist teacher was one of the senior yogis at Tashi Jong in India. She was the first English teacher at DGL Nunnery. Caterina holds two graduate degrees and has been an interdisciplinary artist for many decades. Long experience in cross-cultural media informs her work. Her love of film making extends to Dharma-related documentation.

Vice President, Chrysanne Stathacos, Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Chrysanne is a founding director for DGLI, Inc. Her multi-media art practice explores the connections between ritual actions, technology, feminism and environmental issues through investigations of the enduring human processes of change, hope, and healing. At the heart of her work is a deep commitment to social art practice and the intention to examine and bring to light the interconnections that all human beings share.

Treasurer, May Ling Yeo, Singapore: May Ling is a Certified Public Accountant with international experience and has served as the Chief Financial Officer of Pan Pacific Public Company Limited. She currently works as a management consultant.

Director, Linda Nockler, Boston, Massachusetts, USA: Linda Nockler has extensive experience in financial services and currently works in a large asset management firm in Boston, where she writes white papers and articles on the financial markets and strategic investment topics for institutional clients around the world (e.g., endowments, foundations and pension funds). Linda has studied and practiced Tibetan Buddhism for more than twenty years and has traveled to India and Tibet on pilgrimage.

Director/Secretary, Lindsay Gilmour, Irvine, California, USA: Lindsay is an Assistant Professor of Dance at University of California Irvine where she teaches technique, choreography and improvisation. Her research explores the overlap between somatic movement practice and ritual practices across cultures. Her choreographic work explores presence, ritual and rebellion, fusing text, voice and the moving body. She is deeply grateful to be a Director of DGL Initiatives!
May Ling Yeo: May Ling Yeo is the DGLI Treasurer (see above).

Volunteers Needed!

Highly skilled and competent volunteers are welcomed in the areas of donor relations and advancement services such as office administration, fundraising, publicity, social media, and related technologies. Proven knowledge in nonprofit management and administration is a plus. On-site administrative help in New York City would also be useful.  If you’re interested, please fill out the online application form below:

DGLI Volunteer Application Form

Merit: Merit (Sanskrit puya, Pali puñña) is a concept in Buddhism. Merit is that which accumulates as a result of good deeds, acts, or thoughts, contributing to a persons growth toward spiritual liberation. 

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