Tayul Nuns’ Generosity Helps More Nuns

Dear Friends:

As you know, DGLI has as its primary purpose supporting Tibetan Buddhist nuns at Tayul Gonpa and other remote nunneries in the Himalayan border region. The Tayul nuns rejoice in your generosity by sharing your offerings with nuns from the same valley that are in dire need, specifically nuns from the hermitages of Lama Gonpa and Lapchang Gonpa, which we would like to tell you about.

The nuns from Lama Gonpa and Lapchang Gonpa range in age from 38 to 70 and share some lineage connections with the Tayul nuns.

Ani Trinley Wangmo, 82, wielding an axe at Tayul Gonpa.
Although a few of the nuns have been fortunate enough to learn some preliminary practices and classical Tibetan, they spend most of their time doing hard physical labor collecting firewood and carting water in order to support their hermitages, and assist the monks as domestic servants. Consequently, they have little time for their spiritual life, although they long for more time for meditation and other practices.

Ani Tsering Palmo at Lama Gonpa. Despite her advanced years and being crippled, she radiates serenity and peace.
Lama Gonpa is situated in the same valley as Tayul Gonpa and is in a challenging environment in which to live and practice as water freezes in winter and getting water is difficult. Firewood is also scarce and requires walking long distances to collect it. Additionally, the hermitage is comprised of mud and stone buildings with flat roofs on which snow–which must be removed after each snowfall–falls often in winter. Such shelter requires building up on a yearly basis. The hard physical labor the nuns have had to endure over the years has created physical problems such as ailing backs and knees, that require medical attention. The one nun living at Lapchang is already 78, so her hardships are likely to increase with age.
While the nuns at Lama Gonpa and Lapchang live in awe of their sisters who are fortunate to reside in nunneries that provide them with sustenance of every kind, including an adequate education, they themselves lack support. With your continued kindness and generosity, we can help them thrive.

Be assured that your assistance makes a difference. Your financial support will help the nuns obtain adequate food, clothing, shelter and medical attention so they can focus more on their spiritual life. Supporters will be gratified to know that whatever help you offer to the Tayul nuns will be shared with their sisters, the nuns at Lama Gonpa and Lapchang Gonpa, who live in the same remote region.

Recently, two Tayul nuns, Ani Zangmo (81) and Ani Trinley Angmo (82), were both able to visit a doctor’s office in Manali and receive physical exams. Although we were afraid that Ani Zangmo would require knee surgery, we recently discovered she will fortunately not need this. Instead, she is using a knee brace and will do physical therapy to strengthen her knee. She was, however, diagnosed with borderline diabetes, so she will continue to need medical support and supervision.

Tayul nuns, Ani Zangmo and Ani Trinley, at a medical clinic in Manali.

To view recent photos of all the nuns at Tayul, Lapchang and Lama Gonpas, please go here. By clicking on each image, you can read a little more about each nun as well as view more photos of the Tayul nuns at a medical clinic.

While DGLI has as its aim ensuring the nuns in these regions have adequate shelter, medical attention and other basic necessities, we can only fulfill our goals with your financial help.

Our dear nuns have dedicated their lives to the Dharma and meritorious activity, all of which support and benefit you. Please continue to help us support them by making a donation through our website here.

Chrysanne, Caterina & Arya
Directors, Dongyu Gatsal Ling Initiatives

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